I love talking shop with industry colleagues. I also love making lists and spreadsheets. Below are resources I’ve had a hand in developing and groups I’m a part of that visitors may find helpful.


The F.A.Q. page answers questions that I’ve been asked and links to many of my favorite outside resources.


Illustration Awards List

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to raise awareness of art awards for which illustrators may be eligible. This is a public spreadsheet, so entries can be added by anyone. Please read the Using This List tab before making edits.

Kids Graphic Novels Masterlist

The purpose of this list is to track the release of graphic novels intended for children 18 years old and younger. My hope is that this will serve as a resource for publishing professionals and readers to keep up-to-date on new kids GNs for the purpose of research, promotion, and advocating for graphic novels and their creators in industry-focused programs and events. This is a public spreadsheet, so entries can be added by anyone. Please read the Information tab before making edits.

The Literary Agents for Illustrators Directory

The Literary Agents for Illustrators Directory is for illustrators who are interested in seeking representation from a literary agent. I created the directory because when I first started looking for a literary agent, I found it difficult to find information about how illustrators should approach agents. Almost all the information I found was either geared to writers looking for agents, or illustrators reaching out to editors directly without agent involvement. Years later, I still saw a severe lack of information. I took the things I learned and created the directory in hopes that it would give illustrators the jump start that I didn’t have.


If you’re interested in mentorship in the areas of comics or children’s books, head to the Mentorship page for information.


Black ‘N Animated

I am a staff member of Black ‘N Animated. We are a a community-oriented organization committed to the growth and empowerment of Black students and professionals in the animation industry. Check out the podcast or sign up for the newsletter for updates.