Articles and Essays

Below are articles, essays, and blog posts I have written for other venues.

Graphic Novel Production Schedules Are Too Short—and the Publishing Industry Should Care About It

The Bulletin, Science Fiction Writers of America. Published October 2021.

I am a cartoonist. I draw. I write. I draw and write simultaneously. Much of my work these days is in graphic novels. It has fed me and kept a roof over my head for the past few years, but as I near forty years old, and my career as an author is only beginning, I find myself starting to age out of the work as a visual artist. It surprises people when I say that art-making is a physical activity. Drawing requires long periods of repetitive movement cycling from the shoulder down through the arm and wrist. Standing or bending over a canvas impacts the legs, back, and neck. My body was up to it at the start of my career, but after ten years, the strain is taking its toll. Read more

Literary Agents for Illustrators

The Dream Foundry Blog. Published March 2021.

To seek rep, or not to seek rep? For illustrators, this is a daunting question. In publishing, we talk a lot about the benefits of agents for writers. Agents have helped writers build their careers throughout modern publishing history. Illustrators, meanwhile, have always connected directly with art directors and editors. As publishing markets grow, however, more artists are seeking out literary agents, and more agents are opening submissions to illustrators. Even if you don’t have an agent now, it’s possible that seeking representation might be the right move for your career. Read more

Through a Painted Door: An Ode to Children’s Science Fiction/Fantasy Art

Uncanny Magazine Issue Twenty-Five. Published December 2018.

Reader, do you remember the book you loved most as a child? The one with illustrations that fascinated and haunted you in the best of ways. The one with words you spoke under your breath so your parents would not know you didn’t need to be read to anymore. The one you stole from the bookshelf late at night, when you should be asleep, and reverently flipped through the pages by flashlight. Read more