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plantain-leaved pussytoes

Gardening, then Los Angeles

I am trying to tackle some last-minute deadlines before I hop on the plane to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. LA has called me at last. I’ve avoided travel the last two years, haven’t been back since I moved in 2020. Come see…

All Tweeted Out

There’s this thing about Twitter. And I know, like, one of the weird quirks of Twitter is you’re in this space occupied by millions of other people the majority of whom you don’t know personally and will never know past a weird username and a…

from the camera roll: coal, all ready for a quiet, relaxing morning

Why am I here, again?

I started this blog to stay focused. What I mean to say: I left Facebook and Twitter. It felt like they were consuming too much of my life, and I needed a break. It’s a hard transition. Back in the day, when I was in…