*Spoiler Alert*

First some art, cuz you guys know how I feel about posting a bunch of feels with no art.

I’ve been wanting to write this blog entry for a long time, but I told myself that I wouldn’t until after I’d found a job. I knew my opinion on my current situation was severely biased and I wouldn’t be able to deliver the facts with a clear perspective. In fact, I was about to break my own rule and just write an update anyway, because I was tired and bitter and at my breaking point, when the seemingly impossible happened. I’m now employed, in the film industry, and as an artist. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve put this blog on hold because I’ve been dealing with a lot, and I think it’s about time I explained. Of course, the problem with waiting so long is that now I have to sum up over a year in a way that won’t put everyone to sleep.

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How could this happen to meeee

An accurate reenactment of my life right now.

You guys. I have to apologize.

I’ve said time and again that I was going to be better about posting to this blog. I started up all these blog posts about story and just left them hanging, even though I promised a new post every coupla weeks. But, here we are.

I was going to whine in length about everything that’s been going on the last several months, but it’s a little too emo even for me. So suffice to say, right now I’m just trying to find a job. I think my problem is that this is perhaps the longest I’ve been unemployed since I was sixteen. I’m not used to being unemployed, broke, and in terrible, soul-crushing debt. I need to work on just saying eff it and relax. It’s not the end of the world (yet), and hell, this is the most free time I’ve had in years, so I might as well make use of it.

Hopefully in the near future I’ll be out of this funk and back to my usual ranty, arty self.

When it all goes not according to plan

First some art, cuz I always feel bad when I post but don’t have any art to show.

Snow Day

Next, a general announcement: I changed the permalinks on my blog. If anyone’s linking to specific entries, your old links should work as far as I know, but you might want to change them in any case.

Okay, now for the real entry!

Ah, let me tell you guys. The last eight months have been quite the roller coaster ride. A slow, boring, yet disproportionately frightening roller coaster ride. Not too many twists, turns or stomach-flipping plummets, but plenty of screams and the silent fear of falling or losing limbs.

In fact, the only real surprise on this ride that warrants a few screams of terror happened last week. I quit my job. I’ve got two weeks left, but it’s a sure thing, now. Next Thursday is my last day.

But really, the most surprising (and amusing) part of all this is just how freaked out my sister seems to be. Last week when I told her I was going to quit, she told me “no, you’re not.” The next day when I told her I handed in my two weeks’ notice, she didn’t believe me. Just now I was e-mailing her about some ideas I have for the next few months—ideas that have nothing to do with my job, FYI—and she replies back, “Did you decide not to quit your job?”

Whoa, sis, calm down. You’re not allowed to be more freaked out about this than I am. Continue reading